• 6 Shortcuts for Comparing Life Insurance Premiums in Record Time - by Chris Funnell Imagine you are shopping for a life insurance policy. After much deliberation and research, you’ve finally decided that you do indeed want a life insurance policy. And you feel you’ve gained enough background information to begin actively comparing rates.   The next step is to find and compare life insurance premiums from […]
  • The Secret of Protecting Your Family with Cheap Term Life Insurance - by Chris Funnell   Some people don’t want to consider the idea of life insurance because they don’t want to think about dying. They consider the subject morbid, and for some even thinking about death can actually hasten it.   Many people also consider life insurance an expensive addition to their budget, so they don’t […]
  • How to Cut your Life Insurance Premiums in Half in 60 seconds - by Chris Funnell   In these challenging economic times, you’re not alone in checking your budget to see where else you can cut back.   Though the first place to go when you tighten your belt is often luxury items like eating out and other recreational activities, you may want to re-evaluate your less visible […]
  • 7 Familiar Life Insurance Quote Questions - by Chris Funnell   Most consumers now use the Internet to research for a life insurance quote.   It makes them well-informed buyers and those companies that deal directly with their customers’ inquiries quickly and efficiently usually get the business at the end of the day.   When you’re looking at life insurance quotes online, […]
  • Here’s a Quick Way to Get Over a Life Insurance Rate Increase - by Chris Funnell   One constant with a term life insurance policy is the increase in life insurance rates at renewal. As people age life insurance rates increase because the insurance companies have more claims.   Now, naturally, you wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a life insurance rate hike so here […]
  • 4 Little Known Ways to Save Even More on your Term Life Insurance - by Chris Funnell   When you’re shopping for a life insurance plan, you can’t help but be attracted to term life insurance because of its affordability and benefits.   However with a tight budget, you might wonder if there are even more ways to work around the cost of protecting your family’s future.   It’s […]
  • 5 Key Things to Look For in a Life Insurance Company - by Chris Funnell   You’re intent on getting a policy from a Life Insurance Company and you’ve even researched the different kinds of products available in the market. What’s next on the agenda is looking for a life insurance company that you can rely on.   However, it may turn out to be difficult since […]
  • How to Buy Life Insurance that’s Really Affordable - by Chris Funnell   Some people avoid buying life insurance because they don’t want to think about the morbid topic of dying. For forward thinkers and those who do not want their families to be left unprepared, taking out a life insurance policy is one definite way of taking care of loved ones.   But […]
  • The 5 Early Warning Signs of an Inexpert Life Insurance Broker - by Chris Funnell   Life Insurance can be confusing if you’re not a Life Insurance Broker. If you don’t understand the product, how then can you make a well-informed decision about it?   In cases like this, you need the assistance of a professional Life Insurance Broker to make an informed decision that feels right […]
  • How to Get Life Insurance Quotes That Can Cut Your Monthly Payment in Half - By Chris Funnell   Having a family means having to think about the future. Though it may be morbid, you can’t help but worry about how your family would manage if you passed away. You may wish to leave something behind so that you know your family will be taken care of.   That’s why […]
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