At the touch of your fingertips, gives you broker grade software to compare term life insurance policies and prices.
You can now use the same software brokers use to shop the market for the best term insurance rates in Canada.

Finding the best price and best policy for you and your family has never been easier or less expensive.


Longer life expectancy, medical advancements, and fierce competition for your business have dropped term life insurance prices to all-time lows.
If price has been holding you back, your wait is over. TermCanada believes that security should be affordable, not optional.


Life Insurance Rate Shopping Canada


I’m Chris Funnell, Life Insurance Broker, and Owner and Operator of TermCanada. I started in 1996 because I found that shopping for the best deal in life insurance in Canada wasn’t as easy as it first seemed. I just knew it didn’t have to be complicated, annoying and time consuming.


And it isn’t. By combining the power of professional software customers use themselves – and the expertise of a professional broker – I have been able to give my customers to get the best of both worlds. Great protection and great rates!


This “high tech, high touch” approach has been hugely popular with our customers over the past 15 years. And you can try it without cost or obligation.


Qualify for Lower Life Insurance Rates


Buying life insurance is not just filling out an insurance application form and cutting a cheque. You need to know what options you have and the prices you could pay for the protection you want.


An experienced professional life insurance broker can do this for you – at no additional cost. Brokers know which questions to ask, how to ask them and whom to ask. Armed with all of a client’s particulars, life insurance brokers can help you get the best price and the best policy for you and your situation.


Just because one company is good for your neighbour, doesn’t mean they are good for you. We know where to go for your best deal.
This is why is better than the “buy direct and save” and “no agent will call” options. When someone says you don’t need a life insurance agent to do the right job, they’re just wrong.


You see, 70 to 80% of the population won’t qualify for the lowest rates…. at least not with every company. Which company is the right one for you?


Extra Effort on Your Behalf


An experienced term life insurance broker who cares will make the extra effort on your behalf and get you the best policy. knows.


You may also discover that some online, self-serve products are entirely different and inferior products, sold at inflated prices. Without with the power to compare, you just can’t know any better.


What’s worse, personal term life insurance is sold at a pre-set price. You don’t pay any less because you bought it direct. You could even pay more because you didn’t get the professional advice to avoid certain products.


An experienced professional broker from doesn’t cost you a penny extra – and can save you a bundle.


Save on Term Life Insurance Like an Insider


That’s why committed, professional brokers – dedicated to helping customers achieve their goals – are an integral part of our process. Combining the power and convenience of internet comparison shopping with a committed broker gives you a winning combination.


This is our story at TermCanada… to take the guesswork out of buying term and mortgage life insurance for Canadians. Finally, you have a way to make life insurance buying decisions with confidence.


Thank you for visiting us today. We look forward to working with you.


Chris Funnell, Owner and Operator of TermCanada, is government licensed in Ontario (Lic# 96037408), British Columbia (Lic# 162396C97925R1), Alberta (Lic# M-203795-SP-2017 and Q-203795-SP-2017), Saskatchewan (Lic# 57171), Nova Scotia (Lic# 12179277200000), Newfoundland and Labrador (Lic # 13-83-CF085-1), New Brunswick (Lic # 554556), and Manitoba (Lic # FL-25316-2013).

Chris Funnell BA, CLU
Chartered Life Underwriter
Founder and President

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