5 Reasons why TermCanada is different from other Brokers

Life Insurance Brokers Different
by Chris Funnell


Life insurance is not a commodity. It seems like a commodity, but it isn’t. Like parachutes, one is not necessarily the same as the other. And, you really only know if you got the right one when it’s too late to make a change.

Trouble is, who has the time and expertise to select among them when you’re busy making a living and having a life? You need someone to help pack your ‘chute. That’s our job at a TermCanada.com.

Here are 5 reasons that make TermCanada different from other Life Insurance Brokers, and can ensure you get the best plan a professional advisor can help you choose and qualify for today.


#1 – We Believe in Term Insurance


With a name like TermCanada, we really do believe that term life insurance (and not expensive Whole Life or Universal Life) is the best and most cost-effective choice for the vast majority of Canadians.
We don’t try to ‘upsell’. We listen to & respect our clients when they tell us they want to buy term. When you come to TermCanada, expect the very best term life insurance recommendation in Canada.


#2 – TermCanada knows how to complete an application so that it will pay off as planned


Clients want to make sure their policies stand the test of time. Today’s rigorous application of new insurance laws can mean your current policy may not pay. It’s shocking but true that unless your agent adhered to the new rules to the letter, you could be paying for nothing … even overpaying for nothing.
Buying insurance is not just filling out an insurance application form. For example many people:
• Don’t consider the importance of matching their unique health, lifestyle, and family history with the right Insurance Company
• Don’t know how to complete an application so it works for them, and not against them
• Don’t know how to prepare for an insurance nurse exam to get the best lab results and vitals
• Don’t understand the profound impact Canadian Insurance Law has on the conditions of their coverage if they make a mistake on the application

TermCanada helps you get what you want


That’s where I come in. You avoid uncertainty and find the best plan at the best price for your situation. You actually get the insurance you want if it’s at all possible. It will pay off when the family needs it. You’ll know you had a pro on the job.


#3 – TermCanada knows how to complete an application so it works for our clients, and not against them


TermCanada helps you build the most complete, accurate and supportive case for your situation so you qualify for the best program possible and pay as little as necessary. We take time and care to really understand our client’s situation and unique strengths and weaknesses, and then tailor their application to the best company to get the best possible offer.
TermCanada is different because we only help a handful of new clients every week as we need time to build the most supportive applications for each of our clients.


#4 – We carry $5 million in E&O (Errors and Omissions) Insurance


TermCanada carries five million dollars of professional liability insurance in case we make a mistake. Buy on your own and you don’t have that insurance protection. Many clients are buying large polices because they realize that’s what they actually need.
Ask your Rep what the limit on their E&O Liability Insurance is. If you are buying a $3 million dollar policy, and your Rep only carries $2 million … are you OK should they make a mistake?


#5 – We are not some ‘kid in a cubicle’


Clients want to know that their life insurance broker is an expert in term life insurance, and has a solid reputation working with people like them. They don’t want some `kid in a cubicle`, or call centre form processor with 3 months experience.

Deal directly with a salaried bank employee, and the person has little to no motivation to build a powerful client profile, or ‘go-to-bat’ for you with the Underwriter. Also some clients think buying directly from the bank or call centre means saving a buck. It doesn’t. The price is the same either way.

Advice doesn’t cost you extra but no advice can cost your family or business a fortune. TermCanada is more than an online service – it’s an online professional serving your needs and best interests.

Buying your life insurance through TermCanada.com gives you the peace of mind that you’ve done the best job you could with the best help available. You’re insured and working with an advisor whose advice is insured too.
TermCanada.com – much more than just online quotes and insurance.

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